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Vedic Astrology Digest Volume 3


The VEDIC ASTROLOGY DIGEST is a collection of articles on varied subjects of ancient Indian astrology.

The VEDIC ASTROLOGY DIGEST is a collection of articles on varied subjects of ancient Indian astrology. The highlights of this third volume are as follows:

  • Highly researched and authentic articles based primarily on the Parashari system of Vedic astrology by some of the most eminent writers on the subject.
  • A detailed research article on the relevance of the fifth house in matters of health and disease. The importance of the fifth house nakshatra lord (5HNL) has been highlighted for the first time in Vedic astrology discussion.
  • A complete section has been devoted to the various principles, some of them highly subtle, which pertain to the use of dashas in the timing of events. While the principles pertaining to the Vimshottari dasha have been discussed in detail, a novel approach to the use of the conditional dashas of Parashara has also been suggested, and explained with an example.
  • A new dasha from the Jaimini system, the Lagna Tara Dasha, has been introduced and its application explained.
  • The highly important subject of yogas in astrology has been allotted a separate section. Amongst the yogas discussed are the yogas of the Moon, the dispositor yogas, the neecha-bhanga rajayoga and the Kaala-Sarpa yoga.
  • The subject of matching of charts, so relevant to marriage and relationships, has been dealt with in detail. The shortcomings of the tendency to only rely on the chart matching score are indicated, and the approach to identifying and minimizing the points of friction suggested.
  • The section on Ashtakavarga indicates some novel ideas which yield wonderful results. For the first time, Vinay Aditya has used the Ashtakavarga principles on divisional charts, Varshaphala charts and Prashna charts, with remarkable results.
  • Dr David Frawley has provided some additional information on the Shaktis of the nakshatras while Dr S C Mishra discusses the chart of India making use of the Koorma Chakra.
  • We continue with our stories from the Puranas, dealing with three more nakshatras and their deities.
Book Author

Dr. K S Charak


Vinay Aditya, Rajeev Jhanji

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