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Vedic Astrology Digest Volume 2


The VEDIC ASTROLOGY DIGEST is a collection of articles on varied subjects of ancient Indian astrology.

The VEDIC ASTROLOGY DIGEST is a collection of articles on varied subjects of ancient Indian astrology.

The highlights of this second volume are as follows:

• Highly researched and authentic articles based primarily on the Parashari system of Vedic astrology by some of the most eminent writers on the subject.

• Role of grahas in the causation of abdominal ailments.

• An in-depth analysis of the various aspects of the most colorful house of the horoscope, the seventh. Discussed and elucidated in this study are some of the most subtle aspects of human relationships.

• A section is devoted to the study and analysis of some of the most important and commonly used varga charts as also the Karakamsha; an article on the role of the lumianries in Simha navamsha is included in this section.

• While the Vimshottari dasha has been used in the analysis of the charts as a general principle, the basic principles of another dasha of Parashara, the Yogini dasha, have also been highlighted here.

• A fascinating aspect of Gochara or transits is the study of lunations; the basic principles and subtle aspects of this subject are explained in detail.

• A complete section has been devoted to the understanding of the elements of the Panchanga. Rich material extracted from astrological and astronomical classics has been provided for the benefit of the reader.

• Special articles by some of the renowned authors are included in this volume. These include such articles as ‘The Shaktis of the Nakshatras’, ‘The Greatness of Saturn’, and ‘A Note on Naadi Amshas’.

• A detailed research articles on the horoscope of Jesus Christ has also been presented herein.

• A section devoted to stories from the scriptures is included in this volume. Presented here are the stories pertaining to some of the nakshatras and their ruling deities as narrated in the Puranas and the epics.

• Rich material is provided in this work for the student, the teacher as well as the researcher of Vedic astrology.

Book Author

Dr. K S Charak


Vinay Aditya, Rajeev Jhanji

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