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Yogi Karve Ji lived his life to its fullest.

Right from the beginning he was immersed with divine consciousness, Yogi Karve attained Mahasamadhi on February 23rd at 2.17 am in Talegaon, Pune. He visited Vishwadarshan Mandir in Pune on February 15th and returned home on February 16th. He told the Priest that it is last visit to the Temple sensing that his moment to merge with Divine has arrived.

He was having breathing problems so an Oxygen cylinder was brought home, but still he could not sleep. He was admitted to the hospital and very soon he caught pneumonia.


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Yogi Karve Ji Praying on February 13th, 2023


Yogi Karve Ji Prayer 2


His meditative state on February 13th at his home

Karve Guruji predicted the date and time of birth of my friends future wife. This is his message when I told him about Karveji Mahasamadhi

Message begins:
I am so very sorry to hear this. I had the honor of meeting Karveji in February 1997 at an American lady’s apartment in Chicago. Not only did he give me my date/time of birth and horoscope, he also gave me the date/time and horoscope for Varnan, whom I had not even met at that time! No one can be like Karveji. May his soul rest in eternal peace in heaven.

This is the Temple of Shri Vishwadarshan Devta in Pune, India. This was inaugurated in November 2019 while Yogi Karve was in US.
Yogi Karve visited this Temple on February 15-16th and told the Priest that it is his last visit.
Om Shri Vishwadarshan Devtayai Namah

Yogi Karve with Lata Mangeshkar


Yogi Karve with Sachin Tendulkar


Guruji met Sachin Tendulakar when he was 7 year old, as his father wanted him to concentrate on education rather than Cricket. Guruji asked him what do you want, Sachin said, Cricket Shoes. His Mama, Mr. Mulaokar, who came with him in his first few trips, told Sachin, I will get you shoes if you study. Guruji told his Father, let him play and he will arrange funds for him to go to a Cricket Academy. Sachin was crying with tears streaming out of the joy, and what they say, “Rest is history”.

His Mama, Mr. Mulaokar is seen behind Pinki, and he was a Technical officer at Bhabha Atomic Research Center in Mumbai. First few trips, Guruji took up with him as he was a very good translator. Initially, Guruji would give the degrees of planets including that of Moon. In first conference, he asked Rao Bhimadipati, do you have Zero degree of Jupiter in Karka Rashi (Cancer sign), Rao started crying as he was taking 29 degrees 59 minutes in Gemini and that was his question, he wanted to ask Guruji, as to whether his Jupiter is in Gemini or in Cancer