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Vastu Chintamani


\”Vāstu\” from Sanskrit denotes architecture. It is the ancient Indian science of building towns, cities, dwellings. First reference to this science of Vāstu can be traced to the Yajurveda. Atharva Veda contains lot of references to the Vāstu Shastra. Due to the cryptic language and archaic terms used in these books it is very difficult to understand them in the present. It is also necessary to reconcile the scientific and traditional knowledge of building structures to suit the modern context.

Vāstu Chintamani is an attempt in this direction. Based on the lectures of Shri A B Shukla, IAS (Retd) and Hon National President of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), this book provides sound rationale for the principles of Vastu shastra. Shri A B Shukla is a Physicist by training, administrator by profession and spiritual by inclination. His in depth knowledge of scriptures is evident in this book. He is famous for his work on fundamentals of astrology and Vāstu. His research on basic principles of jyotisha and vāstu is inspired by Upanishads, Brahmanas and Bhagavadgita. This is Hindi version of English book but with 8 more chapters.

Features of the Book:

  • Lucid explanation of core concepts.
  • Well illustrated.
  • Explains the relation of Pancha Tattvas (5 elements) with each corner.
  • Provides the Rationale for each Vāstu Concept.
  • This Book gives basic Knowledge of Vāstu Shastra with the help of some Practical Examples.
Book Author

A B Shukla, Navneet Kaushik


Vinay Aditya