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2024 Jyotish Fundamentals BASIC full year Certification course (Session starts Saturday, 28 September 2024)


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Full year certification program, 100+ hr


  • Weekly 2 hours Lecture
  • Review / Group Mentoring session.
  • Private Tutoring (If lagging behind)
  • Mentor assigned
  • Access to eLearning system
  • One-on-one Mentorship (Included)
  • Course material & Textbooks (included)
  • Final test

Course Detailed Syllabus


  • Basic Elements of Jyotish: Introduction to the fundamental principles of Jyotish (Vedic
  • Basic Astronomy:
    a) Understanding celestial bodies, their movements, and their significance in
    b) Gaining insights into the astronomical foundations of Vedic astrology.
  • Graha (Planets) Divine Power:
    a) Uncovering the divine and cosmic power attributed to celestial planets (Grahas).
    b) Exploring the spiritual and symbolic significance of these planetary forces.
  • Graha’s Meaning:
    a) Deciphering the meanings and symbolism associated with each planet.
    b) Understanding how these meanings influence astrological interpretations.
  • Graha’s Strength & Weakness: Identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of
  • Graha’s Drishti:
    a) Exploring the concept of \”Drishti\” (cosmic gazes) of planets.
    b) Understand how planetary aspects and interactions affect
  • Rasi (Signs) Natural Zodiac:
    a) Introduction to the 12 signs of the zodiac.
    b) Examine the natural zodiac and its influence on personality traits.

Course Dates –Saturday, 28 September (Introduction), 5, 12, 19, 26 October, 2, 9, 16 November 2024


  • Building on Basic Level I planets Graha & zodiac signs Rasi
  • Bhava (Houses) Deeper Meanings & Significance: Delving into the profound interpretations and significance of houses (bhavas).
  • Bhava (Houses) Properties & Classification: Understanding how different houses shape an individual’s destiny.
  • Parashara House Principles: Learn Parashara Principles related to houses
  • Karaka (Significators): Exploring the concept of significators (Karakas)
  • Basic Nakshatra Familiarity:
  1. Venturing into the mystical realm of Nakshatras (lunar constellations).
  2. Gaining fundamental knowledge of their influence on personality traits and life patterns.
  • Vimsottari Dasha: Learn to calculate and interpret the periods of influence of different planets in one’s life journey.

This course builds upon your foundational knowledge from Level I, providing a deeper understanding of Jyotish astrology, empowering you to interpret birth charts with greater precision and insight.

Course Dates –Saturday, 30 November (Introduction), 7, 14, 21 December, 11, 18, 25 January, 1 February 2025


  • Graha Yoga: Learn different combinations of grahas and power of Graha Yoga in birth charts.
  • Yoga Vicara: In-depth examination and interpretation of graha yogas.
  • Bhava Yoga: Special bhava yoga from classic text
  • Bhava Vicara: Comprehensive analysis and interpretation of houses (Bhavas) 
  • Basic Chart Analysis: Mastering the foundational practice of interpreting birth charts

This course enhances your knowledge in Jyotish by delving into complex topics such as Graha Yoga, Yoga Vicara, Bhava Yoga, Bhava Vicara, and advanced chart analysis.

Course Dates – Saturday, 15 February (Introduction), 22 February, 1, 8, 29 March, 5, 12, 19 April 2025


  • Amsha (Divisional Charts Analysis): How to create and interprete divisional charts (Amsha)
  • Bhavat Bhavam (Basic): Explore the concept of Bhavat Bhavam by examining their relationships with other houses.
  • Special Yogas (e.g., KalaSarpa Yoga)
  • Yogi & Avayogi: Learn the concept of Yogi, Avayogi and their roles in interpretations.
  • Chart Analysis: Practice of analyzing birth charts.

This course empowers you with advanced tools and knowledge to excel in Jyotish. You’ll gain expertise in divisional charts analysis, Bhavat Bhavam, special yogas, Yogi & Avayogi concepts, and advanced chart analysis.

Course Dates –Saturday, 26 April (Introduction), 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May, 7, 14 June 2025


Kristaps Lapins, Kumar Arumugam, Minakshi Srivastava, Neelima Parikh, Satya Bandhu, Saurabh Srivastava, SueAnn McKean

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