Arsha Jyotish

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1st WK International Vedic Astrology Conference


2 Days Conference, 12+ hours of Vedic astrology learning


Immerse yourself in a world of ancient wisdom and modern insights as our esteemed panel of astrologers and practitioners guide you through

  • The Majesty of the Sun: Discover the profound significance of the Sun in Vedic Astrology – its role as the source of vitality, consciousness, and divine illumination.
  • Mysteries of the Moon: Explore the lunar energies that shape our emotional landscape, influence our subconscious mind, and hold the secrets to our deepest desires.
  • Eclipses Unveiled: Unravel the mystique surrounding eclipses, from their cosmic symbolism to their profound impact on individual destinies and global events.
  • Predictive Insights: Gain invaluable insights into predictive techniques, planetary alignments, and celestial omens that shape the tapestry of our lives.



Conference Highlights

  • Eclipse – Bridging Science & Mythology: Navigating Celestial Phenomena
  • Full Moon in Jyotish: Unveiling Mystical Insights and Practical Wisdom
  • Nakshatras & Moon: The Cosmic Guidance Hidden in Stars
  • Eclipse Wisdom: Merging the Mystical and the Practical
  • Unlocking Full Moon’s Power in Jyotish: Mythical and Mystical
  • Astrology Remedies: A Modern Approach to Global Spiritual Healing
  • Eclipse Expertise: Solar & Lunar Insights from the Cosmos
  • Kala Sarpa Yoga: Unveiling the Cosmic Balance of Energies
  • Q&A with Astrology Experts: Deep Dive into Celestial Mysteries
  • Tapping into Eclipse Energies: Ancient Secrets for Modern Times

Conference Topics


Alan Annand, Dr K S Charak, Kristaps Lapins, Minakshi Srivastava, Saurabh Srivastava, Sanjay Radia

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