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Dr Parthasarathy


Dr Parthasarathy

SDJ Ayurvedalaya as a Director & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. R . Parthasarathy is a practicing Ayurveda Vaidya , Director & Chief Medical Officer, Swami Dayananda Jayavarthanevelu Ayurvedalaya( SDJ Ayurvedalaya) , Anaikatti , Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu . Dr. Parthasarathy completed his 6 year Ayurveda Training from the reputed Ayurveda College of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy ( AVP) affiliated to Dr MGR Medical university . He later completed a Post Graduation Certification in “Good Clinical Practices “ from FRLHT-IAIM,Bangalore with top ranks .

In 2014 , Founder Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati entrusted him with the independent responsibility of setting up SDJ Ayurvedalaya under the aegis of the Sruti Seva Trust.

Prior to this , Dr. Parthasarathy was heading the International Training Academy and the Mangarai branch Hospital of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) and served as the Course Director for programs organized in collaboration with Universities and Institutions in Brazil,Chile Japan,Switzerland,USA,Argentina,Spain, Indonesia and India. Dr. Parthasarathy has mastery in the Sanskrit language and can fluently converse in Sanskrit.He actively volunteers to propagate the language and serves as a Trustee of the Samskritha Bharathi, Dakshina Tamilnadu. He has also completed a course from Rastriya Sanskritha Sansthan, New Delhi.

Dr Parthasarathy is immensely passionate about propagating Authentic and undiluted Ayurveda concepts of Aahara and Vihara to common man to solve the current day problem of information overload with fads and fallacies. Over the years he has mastered the art of delivering the complex concepts in a clear and understandable format to empower people with wisdom. His mission is to make people “Learn Ayurveda” as against “Learning about Ayurveda”

In the last 14 years, he has delivered lectures for 3500+ hours on various topics of Ayurveda to more than 10,000 people that includes Ayurveda and Allopathy Medical Doctors, Indian Forest Service officers in the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Health Professionals, Researchers, Students and others both in India and internationally . Travelling extensively to promote Ayurveda, his 19 International visits to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, France, USA and United Kingdom has led to much engagement and interest.

Dr.Parthasarathy was honoured with the prestigious title of “Illustrious Guest\” in 2013 by the National University of Medicine, Rosario, Argentina, subsequent to the 2 week Workshop on “Integrating Ayurveda in Daily Medical Practice” for 150 Doctors at the University. He has also conducted many short and long term courses at several Medical Universities in South America and India.

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Participant Testimonials

Thank you for this opportunity to listen to Dr. Parthasarathy.
I enjoyed today\’s session, and found him to be a great teacher.
I live according to Ayurvedic teachings.
I have used the understanding to help support my cancer patients as I treat them through a course of Radiation therapy.
I also help friends to understand what Ayurveda is all about – not mere massages, herbs & spas..
I look forward to learning more and improving how to share/communicate the knowledge effectively to benefit others.
\”Simple language,and a detail explanation was given for various concepts taughts and well presented by Dr.Parthasarathy.. Highlight for me was he let us take charge of our health and guided us when we came up with questions rather than just giving answers.\”
\”Dr. Parthasarathy is by far the best teacher I have had. His passion for the subject and enthusiasm he showed for his audience to experience the aha feeling for the simplicity and profoundness of the Ayurveda teachings and practices was contagious.\”
I was very lucky to learn from Dr Parthasarathy. An authentic and profound way to dive deeper into Ayurveda. Each classes is well organized, and extract from the Shastra which gives deep insights and context for the course. Thank you very much Dr for your wisdom and passion