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Total 5 sessions of 90 minutes Learn Group, contrast and compare Nakshatras to drive consistent themes in a chart. Having finished the course to unravel the mysteries of each nakshatra individually, we are launching a follow up series of sessions to integrate the knowledge of nakshatras to further support analysis of a chart. The course is open to all the advanced and intermediate students of Jyotish. If you did not join the first 27 sessions devoted to individual nakshatras but are familiar with them in a general way you will benefit with these additional sessions.

The additional 5 sessions will cover…

•Pairing of Nakshatras for auspicious and inauspicious results

• Groupings of Nakshatras under different headings for various applications

• Comparisons between the different nakshatras belonging to the same lord

• Jeeva Shareera Theory and its application in deciphering dasha results

•Raj yogas through Nakshatras

•Transit and Nakshatras