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WEEK-1 -:

Theme of ‘The Power of Divisional Charts’.
Topics of discussion will be Profession, Investments, marriage, challenges and so on

  • Inaugural Lecture by Rakesh Sharma, Key message swami Ji
  • Are you fortunate? (Chaturthamsa (D4) by V P Goel
  • Multiple special considerations – Part 1 (BhāvātBhāvam, KārakoBhāvaNāshāya, Father à 9th house or 10th house?, True Rāhu or Mean Rāhu?) by Jeyaram
  • pm Techniques of Finding Profession by Vinay Adity
  • Panel Discussion by Many Speakers (V P Goel, Vinay Aditya, Dr Soumya, Komilla)
  • The chart as a guiding compass to a fulfilling career by Gudrun Lewis-Shellenbeck
  • Techniques of Finding Profession Contd.. by Vinay Aditya
  • Karakamsha, the Atmakaraka in the Navamsha, its key importance materially and spiritually by Komilla Sutton

WEEK-2 -:

Theme – ‘Disease and Depression’ 
Topics of discussion will be mental health, medical astrology, depression, and disease

  • Locate disease easily by V P Goel
  • Medical Astrology with special reference to Abdominal ailments by Dr K S Charak
  • Prashna by Deepak Kapoor
  • Panel Discussion
  • Rahu and Ketu for Health, Wealth and Power by Ronnie Gale Dreyer
  • Depression and anxiety in a chart by Gudrun Lewis-Shellenbeck
  • Special Webinar – A contemporary look at the application of Jyotish, a live consulting session by Charlotte Benson

WEEK-3 -:

Theme – ‘Power of Nakshatra’
Topics of discussion will be Nakhshatra and related based predictions

  • Special Topic II (True Rāhu or Mean Rāhu? Special Aspects of Rāhu Natural v/s Functional Traits of Planets Dasha Pravesha Chakra) by Jeyaram
  • The pulse of the Nakshatra – Navatara and Nadi in natal astrology
    by Komilla Sutton
  • Rahu/Ketu yoga combos with all the planets by Simon Chokoisky
  • Interactive Session on Mars Retrograde & Current Planetary Weather by Ronnie Gale Dreye
  • Prashna II by Deepak Kapoor
  • Prashna III by Deepak Kapoor
  • Yoga Taras of the nakshatras by Simon Chokoisky

WEEK-4 -:

Theme of ‘Parashara’ and LaghuParashari
Topics of discussion will be LaghuParashara and astrological principles.

  • ‘Subtleties in interpreting Vimshottari Dasha interpretation in LaghuParashari Part I by Dr K S Charak
  • ‘Subtleties in interpreting Vimshottari Dasha interpretation in LaghuParashariPart II by Dr K S Charak
  • Explore few Interesting Two-planets Yogas – i.e. Chandra-Mangala yoga as a wealth combination by Simon Chokoisky
  • An Evening Chat with Kenneth Miler and Simon Chokoisky (Interactive Session)
  • KendrapatiDosha or Yoga by V P Goel
  • DaridraYogas of Sage Parashara – poverty or reversal of Komilla Sutton
  • Sudarshan Chakra by Kenneth Miller

WEEK-5 -:

Theme of ‘Life Events’
Topic of discussion will be Death, Marriage, accidents, children, and different challenges faced.

  • Self-employment or service by Vinay Aditya
  • Matters of Progeny and Saptamsha Lords by Dr. Sunil Sharma
  • Nādi Technique (Static Analysis), Nādi Technique (Dynamic Analysis), and Nadi timing of bad karma by Jeyaram
  • Interactive Session on LIVE Consulting Session by Charlotte Benso
  • Nadi Timing of Marriage by Jeyaram
  • Yogas for Success and Greatness: When they Work and When they do not. by Ms. Ronnie Gale Dreyer
  • Survey of Ashtakvarga by Kenneth Miller