Arsha Jyotish

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Bhavat Bhavam – Means “House to House”. Explanation of why House to house is so crucial in chart analysis and interpretation in Jyotish, particularly in answering questions about others in the life of the native e.g., “When will my daughter get married?” “Will my husband get his promotion?” “Why did my friend become my enemy?”

Thorough Review of Meanings of Each House 1 – 12 Nature of Houses and Karakas for each House “Hot Spots” – When placement is favorable or unfavorable from House in consideration and Ascendant, e.g., 5th Lord in 9th (favorable), 5th Lord in 12th (unfavorable) Review of Karaka Bhava Nashyo (Karaka in House). The use of Marakas in predicting loss/difficulty from specific houses, lords, karakas. A set of example charts will be used to illustrate. Course materials will be available.

Creativity – Dance, Music, Film houses which enhance creativity
3rd house of Individuality, Valour and Artistic Expression. Because 3rd in Kala Purusha represents ears and hearing 3rd house specifically applies to music. 5th house – house of Mind, Inspiration, Creativity 3 – 5 combinations enhance creativity, musical aptitude, writing music, playing an instrument, etc. There are creative Nakshatras as well. Example charts from each category will be used – Musicians, composers, actors/actresses/film directors, dancers, choreographers etc.