Arsha Jyotish

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Theme – ‘Power of Nakshatra’ 
Topics of discussion will be Nakhshatra and related based predictions

  • Special Topic II (True Rāhu or Mean Rāhu? Special Aspects of Rāhu Natural v/s Functional Traits of Planets Dasha Pravesha Chakra) by Jeyaram
  • The pulse of the Nakshatra – Navatara and Nadi in natal astrology
    by Komilla Sutton
  • Rahu/Ketu yoga combos with all the planets by Simon Chokoisky
  • Interactive Session on Mars Retrograde & Current Planetary Weather by Ronnie Gale Dreye
  • Prashna II by Deepak Kapoor
  • Prashna III by Deepak Kapoor
  • Yoga Taras of the nakshatras by Simon Chokoisky